• The adventure starts below the peak of Babin zub (1,758m) and continues over the peaks of Stara Planina Midžor (2,169m), Tri čuke (1,938m) and Kopren (1,963m), from where it leads to Ponor bay, continues across pastures, along the Tupavica waterfall and pine trees forest to the village of Dojkinci, from where it is directed to cross the plateau of Vrtibog and Arbanaški kladenac, through the stone village of Gostuša and along the shores of Zavojsko jezero and through the viewpoint of Smilovica, to reach the goal in the village of Temska, where this challenge ends.
  • The adventure, which lasts 5 days, evokes the beauty of the diversity and breadth of the landscape that Stara planina possesses, thus providing a unique hiking experience of this region.


  • The medium-length adventure of 53 km starts at the peak of Babin zub (1,758 m) from where it continues to the roof of Serbia, the peak of Midžor (2,169 m) where the first rest is made in the camp under the stars.
  • On the second day, the route continues at a leisurely pace to Beledje and another recommended camp. The third day is the most demanding, which leads along the ridge over the peaks of Tri čuke (1,938m) and Kopren (1,963m) to Ponor Bay, continues across pastures, along the Tupavica waterfall and Draganov vir to the pine forest and village of Dojkinci.
  • The 3-day adventure is proposed as a hedonistic adventure that can be more extreme in a shorter time or enjoy and connect with nature in one easy rhythm with more breaks and socializing.


  • The adventure of the shortest route HIGHLANDER Stara planina is circular and starts in the village of Dojkinci from where it leads through Arbinje, Draganov vir, Tupavica and Tri kladenca waterfalls to Beledje where the camping site is proposed.
  • On the second day, over the highest parts of the Stara Planina ridge, you reach Kopren, Ponor bay, from where you return to the starting point in the village of Dojkinci with a gentle descent. The shortest adventure trail on Stara Planina is designed to be demanding in kilometers (33 km), but the trail and height differences are suitable for people who are in medium mountain climbing form.
  • In order to see and experience Stara Planina in a different light and format, the trail intersects with the medium and longest format HIGHLANDER Stara Planina, where the energy of the participants is increased and additionally motivated to take a step and experience more.
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