Divided into two almost identical halves, Jablanica stretches on both the Macedonian and Albanian sides, and much of the trail is located right near the border area.

In circumstances of no cellular coverage, serious injury, or inability to walk must be reported at the nearest checkpoint through other participants or controllers. If cellular service is available, serious injury or inability to walk must be reported to emergency services by dialing +389 46 520842,

  • The checkpoints are positioned to allow vehicle access.
  • HIGHLANDER staff includes medical and mountain rescue service personnel (MRS).
  • Serious injuries will be handled by the MRS and available emergency services.
  • Staff will call or text you if you do not show at the checkpoint during opening hours. If you are unavailable, we will NOT start a search and rescue.
  • Search and rescue will be launched by the appropriate services only in cases of immediate danger to a participant’s life or health.
Hikers exercising


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