Highlander Ursa Major

HIGHLANDER Ursa Major takes you on a 103 mile long backpacking journey that lasts for 5 days.

Step into the ultimate backpacking experience. This format is reserved for the toughest ones who are truly ready to undertake that kind of challenge.

Since you will need to backpack for 103 miles during 5 days, this challenge is for those who are truly ready and have finished some of the following in the past 2 years: Long Distance hike 5+ days (e.g. PCT, CDT, Appalachian Trail, etc.), Spartan Ultra (finisher), Spartan Trail or any other Trail Race - 50+ miles finisher or HIGHLANDER Hercules.

You will backpack your way around Big Bear Lake, visiting all the highest peaks and the deepest creeks. The terrain’s toughness will leave you breathless, and the views will take your breath away. Test your endurance on different terrains - from desertic Cactus Flats to climbing up and down the Sugarloaf Mountain.

Through this trail you'll put your body through the ultimate fitness challenge that will also change your mental set up and make you appreciate the simple things in life more.

This challenge will not be a walk in the park. It's an Adventure of a Lifetime reserved only for those physically ready to take it on.

HIGHLANDER Ursa Major is the largest northern constellation and its name in Latin means greater bear.

06/19 – 06/23/2024

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Highlander Hercules

HIGHLANDER Hercules is a 65 miles long backpacking adventure that lasts for 5 days.

Explore 65 miles of South California's favorite outdoor destination known for its awe-worthy nature like never before – through a 5-day mountaineering festival!

Located approximately 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest - Big Bear Lake is a perfect outdoor location for a good reason. Its shimmering lake, untouched forests, and endless blue sky are the perfect backdrop for your Adventure of a Lifetime.

Wildlife flourishes in Big Bear's alpine forest environment. The towering forests are home not only to the majestic bald eagles but also to bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, deer, and numerous other species. About 29 species of rare plants, ten indigenous to the area, are protected in the Valley.

You will need to complete this stellar adventure in five days, with a maximum of four nights spent bivouacking on designated campsites under the most amazing starry skies. Shake up your routine and get out of the city to find your better self in the heart of Big Bear Lake.

HIGHLANDER Hercules got its name after the Roman mythological hero adapted from the Greek hero Heracles. It is also the second-largest northern constellation.

06/19 – 06/23/2024

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Highlander Pegasus

HIGHLANDER Pegasus, a 3-day backpacking Adventure of a Lifetime, takes you through 34 miles of unforgettable trails.

A 3-day backpacking adventure in Big Bear's magical spring scenes will take you to 34 miles of new horizons.

If you want to challenge yourself while enjoying some nature exploration and socializing with the backpacking community – this is a format for you! Through this trail, you will spend a maximum of three days admiring the visual splendor of autumn hues and sleep two nights in the serenity of nature.

Even though Big Bear Lake is a two-hour drive from Los Angeles and three from San Diego – it's still somewhat of a hidden gem. It lies in a valley, unsurpassed in mountain beauty, hidden lakes, and abundant wildlife. Big Bear is home to one of the nation's few solar observatories and alpine zoos for injured wildlife.

All year round, Big Bear Lake offers larger-than-life adventures in the heart of the San Bernardino Mountains for winter and summer sports enthusiasts, as well as harbor for city dwellers to relax and enjoy the beauty of the picturesque vistas.

During these three days and two nights, you will make life-long memories hiking the Big Bear Lake trails.

This format is named after a constellation in the northern sky, named after the winged horse Pegasus in Greek mythology. It is easily recognisable because it is dominated by a prominent asterism known as the Great Square.

06/21 – 06/23/2024

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Highlander Orion

As the shortest format, HIGHLANDER Orion will take you to a 18 mile long route during 2 days.

Leave your worries behind for a weekend as you escape to 18 miles of mountain trails with HIGHLANDER Orion.

It will take you just a few hours of driving to escape the vibrant cities of Southern California to come to one of America's most accessible mountain destinations: Big Bear Lake. This idyllic alpine town is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, and families looking for a weekend adventure in the open air or simply an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Breathtaking nature, tranquil hideaways, and the Adventure of a Lifetime await when you venture into the untamed wilderness around Big Bear Lake. You will enjoy the scenery seen in classic movies, such as Gone with the Wind and Heidi.

So this adventure is ideal if you want to complete your backpacking adventure throughout the weekend. Thanks to the abundance of nature preserves and the fact that the area gets over 300 days of sunshine each year, wildlife encounters occur frequently. 

The shortest HIGHLANDER format allows you to experience the HIGHLANDER spirit and inspires you to continue the backpacking lifestyle. Over two days, you will explore part of the San Bernardino Mountains and bivouac under the starry Californian sky. This format takes place during a weekend.

Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous and recognisable constellations in the night sky.

06/22 – 06/23/2024

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Highlander Lyra

Embark on a 1-Day wilderness challenge!

Escape the digital chaos and immerse yourself in nature's embrace within the untouched San Bernardino National Forest. This adventure invites you to hike through mountains, valleys, canyons, and lakes, pushing your physical limits under the HIGHLANDER spirit.

The trail will demand your athletic prowess, but with proper preparation and the right mindset, you will conquer it. 

Rest easy knowing logistical support, camping spots, food rations, water, and even medical and Search and Rescue assistance are all provided. Experience the thrill of untouched terrain, challenge your boundaries, and experience so much more than a day of fitness anywhere else could do for you, in just one unforgettable day!

Named after the harmonious lyre in Greek mythology, the Lyra symbolizes balance and harmony, traits mirrored in this adventure. This 1-day quest is designed for audacious souls and adventure seekers with limited time on their hands.


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Registering for HIGHLANDER will bring you excitement and a new adventure into your life. It will also make you commit to yourself that you will do something fantastic for your health - both physically and mentally. 

Since our goal is to launch HIGHLANDER worldwide you will be able to visit even more iconic locations across the world in the years to come, and on your journeys you will always have never ending support from the HIGHLANDER community.

Check what your registration includes (items marked with * are not included in Lyra format):

  • Food packages that include:
    1. Cooked meals on certain checkpoints: the most delicious local dishes to celebrate the amazing location you're in made with the best ingredients 
    *2. Backpacking food: food that tastes great while focusing on maintaining freshness and flavor such as RightOnTrek which is crafted in small batches in Montana, built for your diet, ready for adventure.
    3. Ready-to-eat & easy-to-prepare food: that includes some of the best non-GMO meals made with fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. This includes staples like Fillo's and high-quality Adriatic sea sardines in olive oil from Podravka
  • Beverages that include the best start of the day at the start of the event with coffee and tea, as well as all kinds of refreshments at the campgrounds such as Water (Arrowhead), Coffee (Kuju Coffee), Tea (The Art of Tea), Electrolyte drink (DripDrop), Hop water (HOP WTR)
  • Snacks - including energy bars, fresh fruit, and much more 
  • Participant injury insurance is covered by Spot Injury Insurance that includes all the accidental injuries that occur at the event by these guidelines 
  • *HIGHLANDER Ranger that will take care of your safety during the night at each campground
  • *5 - 15 photo package by FinisherPix company that will make your memories last a lifetime 
  • *100% Merino wool buff
  • *Transportation to the start location of the event
  • Educational and entertainment activities - featuring educational lectures on various topics, sustainability workshops, wildlife education, yoga sessions, live music, stargazing, etc.
  • Luggage storage - you will hand to us before the start and we will keep it safe for you at the finish of the event
  • HIGHLANDER Finisher pin - a unique backpacking pin provided only to those who became HIGHLANDERs and finished the event
  • HIGHLANDER Patch - completely unique event patch you can later show off on your backpack
  • HIGHLANDER Certificate - Your finisher Adventure of a Lifetime diploma signed by HIGHLANDER CEO
  • *Camping gas cartridge - you don't need to bring it on the plane or search high and low for it when you arrive at the location
  • HIGHLANDER Hiker tag, Luggage tag, gpx file of your adventure and HIGHLANDER Passport with all the most important event information
  • *HIGHLANDER Map - physical map of your adventure
  • Lifelong friendships, cool stories to tell, pictures to show, and memories to carry forever

Also, by registering for the event you're automatically becoming a member of the HIGHLANDER Club which will bring you various benefits.

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