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The Flathead National Forest can be inaccessible and communications can be patchy. In case of injury, you must notify HIGHLANDER staff at checkpoints and/or call emergency services by dialing 911 (as described in your HIGHLANDER ID received at registration).

  • Checkpoints are positioned to allow easy vehicle access
  • Consult checkpoint staff in case of a mild injury or if withdrawing from HIGHLANDER
  • Serious injuries will be handled by the S&R and available emergency services
  • Staff will call or text you if you do not appear at the checkpoint during opening hours. If you are unavailable, the organizers will contact Search and Rescue, who will decide when to start a search and rescue
  • Search and rescue will be launched by the appropriate services only in cases of immediate danger to a participant’s life or health

If you get injured while participating in one of our US events, Spot Injury Insurance can cover your deductible, plus eligible in- and out-of-network medical costs—even if you have health insurance. 


HIGHLANDER Ranger will be present at each Camp overnight. He will take care of safety and will be at disposal for any support needed. 


All participants are obligatory to have bear spray and dry bag (for storing food & toiletries) as part of their mandatory gear. Bear canister is not required. 

Mandatory protocol at all checkpoints:

  • You store the food and hygiene items in your dry bag.
  • You hand over the dry bag to the organizers at the end of the day. It needs to be marked with a bag tag provided by the organizer.
  • The organizers will safely store your dry bag overnight, and you will collect it in the morning.

Please find more Tips & education on bear safety HERE.

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